The bagm8 team have designed a new device, to improve the task of litter collection.

How often do you see public sector workers; i.e. local councils, private car parks, football stadiums, concert venues, sea front promenades struggling to hold their bags open whilst attempting to load them with litter?

Local authorities spend thousands every year on manual labour and bin liners, not to mention the tax levies on the landfill sites in which the bags end up.


Bagm8 have developed a new device, it’s main features are:

• The simple design of the device; one single piece with a handle set at an angle and an ergonomic lid, which closes over the refuse bag and holds it in place making litter
collection a less stressful experience.

• The person collecting refuse no longer has a problem keeping the bag open - no more wrapping it around their fingers or on a stick to try to hold it open; reducing the risk of suffering from a repetitive strain injury.

• The re-usable device allows the worker to fill their bag to a greater capacity; reducing the quantity of bin liners purchased and used annually.

• Long term budget savings for all litter and refuse departments of the local authority - less bin liners, less complaints from the workers and less time overall. Resulting in an organisation showing a positive, proactive attitude to litter collection and recycling.



For more information or supply
please contact Steve on:

Tel: 07789 11 22 34


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